About Us

ConferenceSeries llc Ltd is pleased to invite you to participate in the 54th World Congress on Nursing and Healthcare (Nursing Conferencesduring May 13-14 2020  with a theme, “Integrating the Milestones in Nursing and Healthcare”. 

The World Nursing Congress 2020 will offer driving approach experiences and expert advancement in supporting exceptional patient results and upgraded care conveyance over the nursing workforce. Participants will get notification from key specialists and experts in supporting nursing enlistment and maintenance, improving norms and patient wellbeing and formulating handy answers for developing interest.

Who can attend?

Renowned healthcare practitioners, professors, research fellows, students and delegates, who are seeking updates and discussions in the recent trends; who would like to meet and connect with top-seeded professionals will have excellent opportunities to quench their thirst to gain knowledge.

  • Directors of Nursing
  • Deputy Directors of Nursing
  • Assistant Directors of Nursing
  • Associate Directors of Nursing
  • Chief and Deputy Chief Nurses
  • Associate Chief Nurses
  • Heads of Quality and Safety
  • Head Nurses
  • Lead Nurses
  • Nurses
  • Consultant Nurses
  • Senior Matrons
  • Matrons
  • Clinical Leads
  • Programme Leads
  • Workforce Leads

* This Conference is also open to the wider public and private sectors to encourage networking and debate.

Why attend our conferences?

  • Tune in and gain from driving industry specialists over the open segment
  • Systems administration openings with speakers and representatives from your segment
  • Comprehend and hear prescribed best practice and contextual investigations
  • CME (gain 8 hours of CME focuses towards your yearly share)
  • We offer a scope of meetings and occasions over an assortment of parts

This Nursing Conference 2020 is explicitly intended for the Health Sector, Nursing Homes and Hospices. This Nursing Meeting gives a chance to nursing instruction progression, improvement, promoting, and correspondences experts to share their triumphs, grow new procedures, and to set up an asset system of friends. Uniting a wide scope of master speakers from over the administration we offer top of the line gatherings and occasions. Global Nursing Congress bringing together a wide range of expert speakers from across the government and private sector we offer first class nursing conferences and nursing events.